Tuesday, January 1, 2013


I'm usually not a new years resolution type of gal but this year I'm breaking with tradition.  2012 was such a big one for me both personally and professionally, it's hard to imagine topping it.  I'm not even going to try.  That said, I'm fully aware that having a banner year is a blessing and I've resolved do to  whatever I can to keep the good times rolling - starting with setting some goals for 2013.

1.  Be thankful.  All day, every day.  So much to be thankful for in life and in love.  Helps keep things in perspective.   And speaking of being thankful, I'd be SUPER over-the-moon grateful if HH and I are fortunate enough to add to our new little family this year but I'm resolved to not stress this one and leave it firmly in His hands.

2.  Be intentional.  Not sure if that's the best way to sum this one up, but at any given point there are 99 projects, plans, side-hustles and whatnot running through my mind.  More often than not I'm hyper-focused (HH would say OCD) for a good day or so and then said plan is discarded and I'm on to the next.  This year I'd like to be a bit more selective with my time and energy so I have more time (and energy) to execute.

3.  Cook more.  Nuff said.  Maybe if I sleep with dear Ina's books under my pillow some of her domestic goddessness will osmose into my brain? Maybe?

Nutella Sea Salt Cookies.   Yes, sir.

4.  Create more.  With more free time on my hands I've discovered a creative itch that's been stifled for years by work, work, and more work.  Wedding planning filled the void last year and I've been thinking about dabbling in photography and/or interior design.  Professional classes aren't in the budget this year and refinishing furniture projects will have to wait until we have more space; but nevertheless, I'm determined to find budget-friendly ways to get my creative juices flowing in 2013.

5.  Keep cultivating my personal style.  In the last year or so I've been working harder at finding and staying true my personal style (and budget).  In a city full of fashionistas and fauxnistas it's sometimes hard not to give into crazy trends or try to keep up with the Jones'.  I'm much happier when I save up for things I love and even more so when I'm comfortable.

current fashion muse

I heart gold.  In ALL of it's lovely shapes and sizes!

6.  Hit the gym.  Hard.  Post-wedding fatigue is no joke.  Gotta shake up the workout routine and recommit.  Hoping that finding new ways to work out will help me reengage.   And when all else fails, there's Halle Berry - fitness inspiration personified.

Can I get a Amen.  
7.  Read.  I'm SUCH a lazy reader.  Must get out of my romance novel-rut.

Ideal Bookshelf 353: English Lit (Jane Mount)
8.  Make good money decisions.  Gotta do better at remembering the long term goals (uh, like renovating our house) and not let short term impulse buys get in the way.  Here's to keeping my eyes (and coins) on the prize: this kitchen. In my house.

Logan's Hammer Building & Renovation
9.  Get out of Park Slope.  HH and I love our hood and spend a lot of time on the weekends within a 10 block radius of our apartment.  We won't be here forever and BK has a lot to offer.  Looking forward to  checking out pretty places like these and exploring more of the best borough in 2013.  Oh.  And I must finally walk across the Brooklyn Bridge.  Must.

Buttermilk Channel

James Restaurant

10.  Be happy.  Firm believer that happiness is a choice.  Just a friendly reminder.

Can't wait to see what 2013 has in store for us! 

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