Thursday, August 23, 2012

Big Bathroom Dreams and Little Gold Feet

With not much to report on the apartment buying front (we're still in mortgage has been approved but no closing date has been set mode), the honeymoon provided me with lots of free time to ponder the fun stuff like decorating.  So what if we still have to buy the apartment, rent the apartment, swap apartment for house with my mom, and renovate the house before there's even anything to decorate.  Realistically we're like two years out from an actual move to the burbs but the architecture and the ambiance and the hotels in Greece and Italy were totally inspiring and I'm nothing without a project to research the heck out of!

First up is the bathroom.  I know.  You think honeymoon daydreaming and you think bedroom.  Sorry to disappoint, but weirdly I've always liked hotel bathrooms (the nice ones!) and I've been collecting design inspiration from European hotels (and their bathrooms) in my head for years.   The first time I saw a seamless shower was actually in a hotel in Italy and I've never looked at shower curtains the same since.

So the rooms at the Katikies Hotel were all-white caves carved into the mountains and the contrast with the ocean and the "Santorini blue" paint that appears on nearly every church roof, door and shutter in town had an amazingly calming effect.  Perfect vibe for a bathroom, right?  Calm and clean, just how I like it.  I was dumb and didn't take any snaps of the hotel bathrooms at Katikies, but lucky for me, the pics on their website are WAY better than mine would be anyway

this was actually our room!

source (all three above):  Katikies
Totally looking forward to the day when I can soak in tub with a glass of wine in a room that inspires memories of Greek sunsets and such.  Who wouldn't, right?

I'm not usually a blue paint person, but in Santorini I found myself asking HH more than once where they all find the same color blue, and more importantly, do they export to NJ (that last part I said to myself lest HH think I'm getting WAY too far ahead of myself, even for me).  Anyway, imagine my surprise when I found this little nugget while perusing pinterest in Greece (yes, I was on pinterest while on honeymoon.  Sue me!)

Source:  thecoveteur
That picture sealed the deal.  Blue is usually a color I like and then get tired of, but I have never been more certain - there's a teeny tiny bathroom in Penny Heaven with a tiny claw foot tub and a vaulted roof (kind of like a cave!) that WILL be painted Santorini blue and WILL one day be my little piece of honeymoon-inspired bliss in NJ.  Exciting right?

Apparently there's a painted claw foot tub craze going on and I haven't really been a fan of up until now.  But how could you not love this one.  With the little gold feet!? In the words of Rachel Zoe: I DIE! You all know I love love love little gold anything.  Thank you Pinterest!

In the absence of any actual pics of our bathroom, I also found this one on Pinterest which comes closest to the layout (sadly, without the pretty skylights).  I'm leaning towards white beadboard paneling for the walls like this but we shall see. The bathroom in Penny Heaven is currently carpeted but I'm hoping we get lucky and uncover wood floor underneath.  Fingers crossed.

I like the horizontal paneling here too, and the open shelving is brilliant, especially given that the only storage in our super-tiny bathroom is the medicine cabinet...

source: designskool
Although I failed in snapping real-life pic - which, like I said, is probably for the best - I did get lots of the now-infamous, and much repeated, Santorini blue

Side note. The honeymoon revealed, among other things, a heretofore unacknowledged love of brightly colored and oddly placed old doors.  You'll be seeing them.  A lot.

And lest you think I've made up this whole love of hotel bathroom things.  I have proof! Witness: me in a tub in Vegas that HH and I agreed should make an appearance somewhere in the new house.  Maybe the master bath?  So what if we only remembered to snap a pic while celebrating our winnings?  Proof is proof.

Over and out.

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